Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Public Letter to the Oklahoma Department of Education

I wrote this last month concerning the new standards in Oklahoma and State Testing. I felt that it's important enough issue to share with the world. Please feel free to forward this post on to anyone that feels their kids are being treated with the upmost disrespect that Oklahoma has to offer.

To the Oklahoma Department of Education and our State Legislators...
You suck. How dare you put so much pressure on 9 year old kids. It is unfair and just inhumane to torture these kids with "pass or be held back" for one single test. One test??? No one should be held back for one test result. That's for all 3rd Graders, now about MY child. How dare you raise the anxiety level of my child so high that he can't eat or sleep. If a parent were to put this much pressure on a 9 year old, you would call it abuse, so here I am, a mom and I am accusing you, the State of Oklahoma, of ABUSE ON MY CHILD. That's right, you, Mrs, Bitch Superintendent Barresi you are abusing my child. My child is one of a kind. He is smarter then you ever will be or even hope to be. He is a rare gem, and you have made his sparkle fade this year, and I despise you for that. Before you started all the pressure of "pass or else", he breezed through school, always scoring above grade level. Now, he is so stressed out about your one damn test that his grades are slipping. I blame you. He has been anxiety ridden since passing 2nd grade last year. He has begged me not to make him do 3rd grade because of your "test". How dare you do this to my child. He is so anxiety ridden his immune system is weak, he's losing weight he didn't have to loose, and he is not sleeping. Seriously, how do YOU sleep at night knowing what you are doing to these kids. You fail to think about this when it comes to your need to prove to the world that Oklahoma has "the highest standards of learning". I call Bullshit. All you have done is proven that Oklahoma is as backwoods, ignorant, and shortsighted as the country already sees us to be. Congratulations Mrs, Barresi, you are the most hated person in Oklahoma, and considering who we have as a governor, that's quite an achievement.

A seriously pissed off mom

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